How to find out winning products for your shopify store in 2024

Nowadays, Shopify is creating a buzz in Pakistan’s local e-commerce scene. Numerous institutions and influencers are offering to teach Shopify, along with setting up trending or winning products on your Shopify store. Despite the enthusiasm surrounding these offerings and the persuasive language used by these influencers and institutions, the way online earning is currently being perceived by Pakistani youth is quite amusing.

But let’s switch gears for this blog post. Instead of depending on anyone else, including us at, let’s discuss how you can select winning products by yourself. Just kidding—let’s get started!

Everyone in the e-commerce market is searching for winning products. No one wants to start their local e-commerce business with products that might lead to a failed startup. While you may have seen ads for numerous products on social media, there’s no definitive way to know if these products are trending or winning. It all depends on a few key factors, outlined below:

Before diving into the e-commerce game, educate yourself about every aspect related to it.
Know Your Buying Power: Understand the economic situation in Pakistan to gauge whether you should focus on selling low-ticket products.

Niche Markets:

Different niche markets have trending products, such as jewelweed or lipsticks in fashion. Each niche market has its own set of trending products.
National Level Retail Market: Pakistan’s retail market is vast, so consider the national scope when selecting products.

Opting for new and unique products can give your startup a good beginning.

Not every trending product stays a winning product. Be ready to change your product lineup if a trend fades.

These tools help you discover which products are currently popular. After using a spy tool, you should have a list of products that people are interested in. It’s recommended to use paid spy tools for accurate, data-driven insights. Avoid relying on free resources, as they may not provide reliable data.

Google Trends can also be helpful, but don’t rely solely on spy tools. Sometimes, the only way to know if a product is winning is through AB testing. Test 3 to 5 products by running ads on social media.

These two types of products differ from each other. Trending products are widely discussed online and may be seasonal or tied to social events. On the other hand, winning products are always in demand and consistently popular, regardless of trends.

Consider exploring products that are not currently popular but have potential. Focus on long-term strategies for sustained success.

Don’t blindly follow others. Just because a product is popular for someone else doesn’t guarantee success for you.
Avoid relying solely on online sources. Visit physical markets in cities like Karachi or Lahore to discover products.
If visiting markets isn’t feasible, find a reliable supplier who can provide information about available products and market rates.
Don’t limit yourself to trendy products on social media. Keep exploring different products in the retail market.
Don’t rely solely on one source of traffic. Utilize various mediums like SEO, paid traffic, social media, influencer marketing, and organic advertising.

In conclusion, learning Shopify doesn’t mean you’ve mastered all of e-commerce. It’s a vast industry, so take your time to understand how it works. Beware of scams promising to create a successful Shopify store for you. Trust yourself and spend time learning about e-commerce. Don’t limit yourself to a few products; explore everything in Pakistan’s retail market. Mix organic and paid advertising for better results, and don’t always follow market trends blindly.

That wraps up this blog post. Stay tuned for the next one, insha’Allah.

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Thanks for reading! Annas Saleem.

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