Drop shipping ( Supplier ) in pakistan

Dropshipping in Pakistan Seems Increasing day by day, especially students who are interested in online learning and e-commerce, especially Showing interest in dropshipping because of many reasons. 

It Sounds interesting that I am doing Drop Shipping in Pakistan Especially in Big Cities like Karachi,Lahore etc. 

  1. Dropshipping Seems easy. Many of us don’t have too much money to manage his or her store on Shopify : its Best example for Beginners to go with Dropshipping. Because in Dropshipping they don’t need to buy any inventory it’s easy to start things with low budgets and Get Customers ….
  2. Dropshipping is a new concept in pakistan now many dropshippers are in the fond of Suppliers in pakistan that they should Deliver products to dropshippers customers address.

Karachi is one the big economical city of pakistan its economical hub in pakistan. It’s important that the people of Karachi have that facility in doing drop shipping in all of Pakistan and they found suppliers in Karachi having zero trust issues. If they have any problem in inventory they can meet suppliers in their own city..

Importers and Suppliers are the two most important Characters of ecommerce . Marketers who are in ecommerce they must need suppliers for growing their business. Karachi Wholesale is here to help you newbies to get help in inventory. We supply Gadgets , cosmetics , home and doors , fashion , electronics and so on. 

Rates : Karachi wholesale is providing variety of products with low rates to others it’s a big problem for ecommerce if they buy in bulk with high price so how much 

 Alongside Karachi Wholesale  works as a Dropshipper with all the products that are available for wholesale also available for dropshipper they allow dropshipping on his platform for youth who are interested in dropshipping.

We are planning to create another website for dropshipper that is coming soon. On that website we are planning to create a separate Dashboard for Dropshipper where they can manage their Products with Status but for now we offer full support for dropshippers. On whats app 

We provide Dropshippers 2 Google Sheets for managing Orders and their Status

  1. Google Sheets for every dropshipper you can only view your customers Order Status we Orders Status on Daily Behalf . so you can  view easily realtime,live Streams of your orders  And You found Tracking Number of each product in one column.
  2. Another Sheets is for Ordering when someone orders any products you have the full control to create an order ( we give you the ability to select any products that we have in our stock  ) creating Orders can help us easily understand who many orders you are delivering today , customers address their phone numbers. 

In our Google sheets you can easily add screenshots of your easypaisa,jazzcash (any other payment method) that we can easily confirm your order and Deliver it on at that time. 

Notes:  we want to  create a healthy environment for business so that you have to follow the policies that are why we are happily loyal to you and your customers. 

 KarachiWholesale.pk stands out as one of the best dropship suppliers in Pakistan, offering a wide range of products, competitive rates, and comprehensive support for dropshippers. Its commitment to creating a positive and efficient dropshipping experience makes it a top choice for those looking to venture into dropshipping in Pakistan.

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  1. I started working as a dropshipper, and I need a supplier.. would you like to give an opportunity.!!

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